Prickly Zine

Hello little munchkins,

This has definitely been a long time coming.
112 days to be exact. 

That’s how long it’s been since my solo-show Prickly, where I celebrated the cactus and all those who embodied their attributes (strength, resilience, vibrancy, quirkiness and of course being a little prickly). Leading up to the show I collected all my sketchbooks, gathered photos, brought together all of my palette references, typed out quotes and descriptions on my old typewriter, scanned all of my looseleaf tests, experiments and drawings, and compiled the best and most influential of the bunch into a 37-page zine.

I had never put together a publication that documents the behind-the-scenes of my work so it was really cool to rediscover all the bits and pieces that went into making the then finished collection. I love, love, love the process of creating - not just the process of painting but everything from conception of the idea, to the countless studies and drawings that lead up to the very first marks made on watercolour paper. I guess that's why I'm such an over-sharer (sorry) on Instagram.

Rocket and I put together a cheeky little video for you all, so you could see inside the zine and so I could tell you a little bit more about why I wanted to make it. I have lots of things planned for the future, one of which being more active on the ol' YouTube channel so please, please, please give me some love on there if you're keen to see more!

There is a limited run of these beauties and half have already sold!
Available in the Furry Little Peach Store for $20 with free shipping worldwide!

Speak soon little ones!