Carrying Baggage


It's probably my least favourite part about having a studio. 

When you're a creative who also creates for work, one of the hardest things can be defining the line between being on and off the clock. Just over a year ago, after a few months of having first moved out and having lived in a matchbox - the kind of place where your bed room, kitchen and living space are actually all the same room - I thought ENOUGH! I'm sick of the backaches that come with working on your living/bedroom floor.

However, when I finally got a studio I realised that I hadn't anticipated the aches and pains that came with splitting your life between home, work and a separate creative space. This past month-and-a-half, in preparation for Prickly and the late nights that would ensue, I decided to take my work home with me. Having moved out of my little matchbox and shacked up with Rocket (bigger budget apparently equals much bigger space), meant working from home was now back on the cards.

Everything was awesome, instead of going from home to work to the studio and back home, I would only need to make a trip to work and back. Confusing? Exhausting. The new arrangement meant less travel time, and more time to frantically but passionately create a collection of works, which needed to be stretched, framed and installed before being deemed ready for anyone else's eyeballs.

With the dust settled and Prickly over, I was excited to be back in my wonderful studio this morning for the first time in a month, which of course (you guessed it) wasn't without baggage.



Captured by : Rocket K Weijers

HAT - Lack of Colour
JACKET - Ryder
TEE - Vintage
SILVER - Kimberlin Co. 
BAGGAGE - Leather : Marcs, Tote : Press Books, Satchel : Made By Fabrix