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Good Boy Sticker Sheet


It's the best year ever - the year of the doggo! And to celebrate all my canine friends with all my fellow dog-lovers I created this colourful sticker sheet.

This sticker sheet contains 13 stickers; a Good Boy banner, a stick, a food bowl, Bento (Shiba Inu), a Pom (Pomeranian), a Little Sausage (Dachshund), a Frenchie (french bulldog), a Good Boy Trophy, a Tennis Ball, a Bone, a Fast Boy (greyhound), a German Shepherd, and a sticker to express our love of Dogs.

This sticker sheet is die-cut on high quality, matte vinyl - the kind of stickers that are super silky to touch but durable af, and unlike paper stickers, they don’t wear/fade and will not leave a bunch of gross stuff behind afterwards so you can feel safe putting them on all your favourite things!

All orders are shipped the following week in a padded envelope to ensure the safe delivery of your new little friends. Please keep in mind that postage can take 1-4 weeks of being shipped for international orders, orders to remote or rural areas may take longer.