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The Rockies Pins Set


During our last adventure up North, I was enchanted by a road trip we took from Portland, up to the snowy mountain-tops of the Canadian Rockies. We experienced some of the most beautiful places we had ever been and I felt compelled to create something that paid tribute to our trip there. This pin set, inspired by our time in The Rockies, is my call to collaborate with you (the wearer)! The bear, forest and cloud, brass-plated enamel pins can be arranged in a number of ways to form different landscapes on your shirts, bags, sweaters and jackets, and I am so excited to see what you create!

We've opted for rubber stoppers (for better grip, comfort and durability), with all sets placed into a vibrant Rocky Mountain landscape (hand-painted and printed onto A5 card). All orders are lovingly packaged and will be shipped the following week.

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