ZOOM (Hachette) is my debut picture book, which comes years after telling my mum at five that I wanted to "write and draw my own books". After breakfast, Scout the explorer and Beattie the space shuttle, take off into the great outer space, ready to embark on an adventure through the universe and meet the animals that make up our solar system. When Beattie runs out of fuel, they're sent home by an unlikely hero, ready for bed. Because even the most intrepid explorers need their sleep.

Funnily enough, ZOOM is an adventure story about following your dreams, and by creating it I got to follow my own.

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"Her joyful watercolours exhibit a sense of childlike wonder that perfectly compliments the story.. A lesson on how to balance external expectations with your own desire, this bright debute picture book will resonate with young children aged three and up."

- Books + Publishing MAGAZINE

A visually stunning picture book for children aged 4+ filled with action and sounds that make it a delight to read aloud.

- Hachette, Australia.