Drawing Cartoons from Memory (Pixar Edition)

A year ago, Rocket and I took on the challenge of drawing some of the most iconic cartoon characters from memory and now, we've done it again, but this time we've focused on some of our favourite movies from Pixar!

You can watch the hilarity ensue, and then check out all of the drawings (Rocket's on the left, mine on the right) below. I would love for you to try this challenge, it can be a really fun exercise in drawing and in memory which can have some hilarious results!


REMY    Pixar's "Ratatouille", 2007.

REMY Pixar's "Ratatouille", 2007.

LITTLE GREEN MEN   Pixar's "Toy Story", 1995.

LITTLE GREEN MEN Pixar's "Toy Story", 1995.

SULLY  Pixar's "Monster's Inc", 2001.

SULLY Pixar's "Monster's Inc", 2001.

WOODY  Pixar's "Toy Story", 1995.

WOODY Pixar's "Toy Story", 1995.

NEMO  Pixar's "Finding Nemo", 2003.

NEMO Pixar's "Finding Nemo", 2003.

BOO  Pixar's "Monsters Inc.", 2001.

BOO Pixar's "Monsters Inc.", 2001.

HEIMRICH  Pixar's "A Bug's Life", 1998.

HEIMRICH Pixar's "A Bug's Life", 1998.

BOLT  Walt Disney's "Bolt", 2008.

BOLT Walt Disney's "Bolt", 2008.

EDNA  Pixar's "The Incredibles", 2004.

EDNA Pixar's "The Incredibles", 2004.

MIKE  Pixar's "Monsters Inc.", 2001.

MIKE Pixar's "Monsters Inc.", 2001.

RUSSELL  Pixar's "Up", 2009.

RUSSELL Pixar's "Up", 2009.

If you can't get enough of our goofy cartoon character knockoffs, there are lots more in our video from last year: