The Adventure Begins

I've been looking for a place to express myself for a while now. 

I mean, I already have plenty of outlets to do so in visual ways - Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook (Twitter is probably the closest thing to a text-based platform I use but the 140 character cap means my voice is limited ) and of course, there is my work - but nowhere that I have the ability to do so in my own online space, and no where that I feel comfortable doing so in a text-heavy format. So, I thought, seeing as I've (finally) gotten around to updating my website, maybe this can be that space.


I don't want to start whatever this is going to be, by saying I will post consistently or often - because I may not, but I'm pretty excited to finally have a place to put all of my thoughts about everything or nothing, available to anyone or no one.

And so, the adventure begins.